Building Community

The Building Community facet of our ministry model focuses on engaging pastors and churches to foster our theological identity and relationships, nurturing healthy accountability and partnerships.

Every MB church and partner organization is building community at all levels for kingdom ministry. Our ask…

  • Make every effort to involve leaders in networking experiences such as “Team of Teams” monthly calls, regional meetings, pastoral clusters, and our annual convention.
  • Relate with other leaders in a spirit of trust and accountability, always assuming the best intentions and taking responsibility for conflict resolution or relational reconciliation when necessary.
  • Speak well of and seek opportunities to encourage or support sibling churches.

Pastors & Leaders Day

Every year, preceding our annual Convention, ONMB invites all pastors and leaders to attend a Leadership Development Day. This daylong event features one or more keynote speakers who build into our pastors through a variety of topics relevant to ministry and thematically related to the focus of our Convention for the year.



Our annual Convention takes place at the end of February. It is an opportunity for us to gather together to celebrate the activities of God in our midst over the past year. Together we delve into the financial and operational details of ONMB and reports from its partner ministries.


Church visits and preaching support

In order to stay connected with our church families and to engage the members of these churches in our greater family dynamic, our Executive Director and board members plan regular visits to our various church communities in Ontario. Occasionally, they are invited to preach and share with the congregations as well.

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Pastoral transitions and searches

ONMB leadership provides crisis support and conflict resolution when necessary. We have resources available for our churches and leaders to navigate these tough areas, and will assist our churches and/or leaders at whatever level these situations require.

Newsletters & Social Media

ONMB seeks to communicate regularly with our pastors and member churches. We publish a monthly newsletter, and look to expand our sphere of communication to include social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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