Resourcing Ministry

We believe effective ministry requires sufficient resources, and that by pooling our God-entrusted resources we can do more together than any of us could do alone. To that end, we seek to resource our churches with a spectrum of tools: from theological and ministry related; to logistical and administrative. At the same time, we ask our churches to faithfully invest in our shared provincial and national initiatives to ensure that all aspects of our responsibility and influence across the country are sufficiently provided for.

All of our ONMB churches covenant together to:

  • Support and promote to staff and congregation the financial and operational resources and benefits provided by the conference.
  • Actively share unique expertise, experience, skill sets, and learnings with other MB churches.
  • Practice a financial investment in order to expand the impact of God’s love beyond any of our individual local churches, in order to invest in and expand our collective ONMB and CCMBC kingdom initiatives.

In this season, we invite you to:

Access administrative supports for your ministry

  • Policy & Governance Resources (CCCC, Plan to Protect, CCMBC)
  • Insurance Support & Counsel (Robertson Hall, CCMBC Legacy Fund)
  • CRA Support & Counsel
  • Church Payroll, Benefits, Finance and Mortgage Support through CCMBC Legacy Fund
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Commit Financially to our Provincial and National Initiatives

Resource Crisis Support and Conflict Resolution

We have resources available for our churches and leaders to navigate these tough areas, and in partnership with our Board and/or our Faith and Life Team, will assist our churches and/or leaders at whatever level these situations require.

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