Our Ontario MB Story


ONMB exists to glorify God by multiplying disciples of Jesus Christ
through our member churches by Facilitating Collaboration,
Providing Accountability and Encouraging Blessing. 


Our shared strategic initiatives are based on our Family Covenant
commitment as churches, to and with one another, and are aligned
with our national strategic framework focusing on Spiritual Health
& Theology, Organizational Health, Leadership Development, and Mission.
We organize around five specific strategic initiatives in Ontario,
in order to bring clarity, unity, and purpose among our ONMB family of churches.



We believe our only true purpose and highest calling is to bring glory to the Triune God. We love Him wholeheartedly, worship Him sincerely and seek passionately to join with Him in the work He has begun in our churches, neighbourhoods and world. As His church, we are a community waiting on and following the Living God. We will be prayerfully dependent and act accordingly, in alignment with His Word and our Confession of Faith. We will not be satisfied with short term happiness, but will seek the greater joy that comes from sacrificing comfort for compassion, greed for generosity and selfishness for kindness, knowing that it is better to give than to receive. Therefore, we will be passionate and zealous about seeking the more abundant life in Christ. John 15:1-17; Luke 18:1-5; 1 Thessalonians 5:14-18


As a called-out people empowered by God, we are committed to being missionaries within our culture, to fleshing out Jesus by embracing our neighbourhoods and entering into authentic, redemptive relationship with those who need Him. We are committed to serving out of love, mercy and justice. We are committed to a courageous faith that eagerly seeks the Kingdom of God, that willingly ventures beyond known comfort zones, that blazes His Life-Light without fear. Matthew 16:24; Philippians 3:10; Colossians 2:9; Matthew 6:33; John 1:1-5


We value all people as image-bearers of God, and therefore seek to share the hope of Christ with everyone we serve regardless of economic, social or ethnic considerations. We are committed to nurturing and strengthening Godly individuals and families. We will embody the grace and forgiveness of Jesus by going into the world rather than waiting for the world to come to the church. Upholding biblical justice, we will minister to the poor and oppressed as to Jesus. We have a deep passion to see all people come into right relationship with Jesus, and will allocate proportionate energy and resources to reaching and discipling them to maturity as His fully devoted followers. Isaiah 58; Matthew 25:31-45; Galatians 6:2; John 19:21; Micah 6:8


We believe the Church has been called by God to be agents of change in the world. We are therefore committed to raising up local churches and leaders who are cultural architects, where the church reforges culture. Towards this end, we will be real with each other and God; we will embrace a creative tension in the spirit of unity; we will cultivate servants of God rather than serve consumers; we will be the church in the marketplace: we will partner with God as He redeems culture and transforms our communities for His glory. Isaiah 61:4; Ephesians 1:22-23; 2 Corinthians 5:18-20


We believe that the Mennonite Brethren denomination is but one expression of the larger Church, and that partnerships are central to fully living out our calling and to maximising the Church’s missional effectiveness. We are committed to encouraging and empowering believers and churches to work cooperatively with other Christians, churches and agencies to fulfill God’s calling in their communities and throughout the world. We are also committed to partnering, for the sake of the mission, with businesses, other social agencies and government where such partnerships will not compromise our beliefs, mission, values or purpose. 1 Corinthians 12:12-26



1924 - Mennonites Arrive

Mennonites arrived in southern Ontario from Russia beginning in 1924.

1933 - Port Rowan church is Founded

1937 - Virgil church is Founded

1943 - St. Catharines church is Founded


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