Welcome to the 91st Annual ONMB Convention!

The Ontario Conference of MB Churches meets annually at Convention where we gather as a family of churches
to share together, learn together, make decisions together and break bread together.

Due to the ongoing restrictions and complexities related to the pandemic, we will gather virtually. We look forward to hearing stories of God’s activity among us, discerning steps forward together, and most importantly to lifting up the name of Jesus. Our desire is to:


This year’s theme: The Road Ahead… has been designed to explore where God might be taking us as individuals and as churches in these uncharted times. We see evidence of God working both in our church contexts as well as in new expressions of mission activity around us. We invite you to open your hearts to what God might have for you, your church, or your agency in the days ahead.

How do I register as a Convention Member (Delegate)?

Each Member Church is asked to appoint their single Voting Representative (usually the lead pastor) and Convention Members (formerly called Delegates) into membership in the Ontario Conference.

To find out more about what a Convention Member is, who is qualified and how to register, click on the link below.


  • February 25, 2022
    7-8:15PM EST
    -The Road Ahead… Missional Stories

  • February 26, 2022
    9-1:30PM EST
    -Business Session

(Virtual Events)
•A zoom link will be provided to all registered Convention Members and Guests.

Decision Points:

  • ONMB 2022 Budget

  • ONMB Bylaw Revisions

  • Ministerial Misconduct Policy and Procedure

  • ONMB Board Nominations

  • Radiant Care Proposal

(Virtual Events)
•A zoom link will be provided to all registered Convention Members and Guests.

Breakout Sessions:

  • February 8, 2022
    -ONMB Bylaw Revisions
    -Ministerial Misconduct Policy and Procedure

  • February 16, 2022
    -Radiant Care Proposal

  • February 23, 2022
    -ONMB Financial Update

(Virtual Events)
•A zoom link will be provided to all registered Convention Members and Guests.

Other Details and Frequently Asked Questions

Following is a copy of the published rules from the convention report:

  • We strive for unity and respect, seeking the participation of all assembled, as we discern decisions that shape the future of our conference.
  • After signing into the Zoom meeting, we ask that you rename your display/screen name to the following format:
    – Convention Members (Delegates): Full Name, Church Name, Unique Identifier #
    example – Doug Valerio, Manotick Community Church, 1234567890
    – Guests: Full Name, Church Name, Guest.
    example – Doug Valerio, Manotick Community Church, guest
  • Members are invited to respond to the reports and recommendations presented.
  • When wanting to make a comment, use the raise hand function in Zoom and use the following protocol:
    • Wait for the Moderator to call your name
    • State your name and Church you are representing.
    • Address your comments directly to the moderator. Keep your comments brief and avoid repeating statements already given by other Conference delegates.
    • After you have finished speaking lower your hand using the lower hand function on Zoom.
  • In order to keep things flowing smoothly, each Member may speak up to three times on any specific issue. For further comments, he/she must await the Moderator’s approval, and that will be given only when no other Member wishes to speak.
  • Additional instructions may be provided by the Moderator regarding procedures for online Conference delegates.
  • The Moderator reserves the right to bring discussion to a close with proper notification.
  • Only Members are permitted to vote.
  • In general, Roberts Rules of Order may be used as a guideline during the business sessions.
  • A spirit of love should prevail in all comments.


  • As a Convention Member (delegate), you have been assigned a unique identifier that confirms your eligibility to vote. Your unique identifier # will be emailed to you by the ONMB administration office a few days before the Convention.
  • You will need to use this number multiple times, so we ask that you please keep it accessible for the entire duration of the  Convention.
  • Each Convention Member will need to log in using their own device. The sharing of devices is prohibited and will hinder your ability to vote.

Speaking to a Motion:

Similar to what occurs in an in-person meeting, we will be following Roberts Rules of Order. Any member wishing to comment on a motion on the floor will need to indicate so by using ZOOM’s ‘raise hand’ function.

  1. Click on the icon labelled “Participants” at the bottom center of your screen.
  2. At the bottom of the window that opens, click the button labelled “Raise Hand.”
  3. Your digital hand is now raised. This puts you in a queue, which will signal the moderator that you want to speak. Please wait for the moderator to call on your name before you start talking.
  4. Unmute your microphone and state your name and church community before asking your question or making your comment.
  5. Once you are finished, lower your hand by clicking the button, “Lower Hand.”

The same method can be used to raise your hand on a mobile device. Tap “Raise Hand” at the bottom left corner of the screen. The hand icon will turn blue, and the text below it will switch to say “Lower Hand” while your hand is raised.

Seconding a Motion:

When a motion is made on the floor, the moderator will call for the motion to be seconded. Any Convention Member wanting to second the motion should use the ‘Raise Hand’ function as mentioned above. The moderator will then acknowledge the first hand that goes up. Once the motion has been seconded, those with their hand raised should lower them.

Submitting Votes:

All voting on motions will proceed through a program called QuestionPro, which will be hosted on the CCMBC website. This software does not need to be downloaded.

  1. The production team will send a link for each motion through the ZOOM chat.
  2. You will be instructed to click on the link at the appropriate time, which will open a new window in your internet browser.
  3. Enter and submit your unique identifier #, which will enable you to vote.
  4. Once you have selected one of the three options (yes, no, or abstain) click on the button “SUBMIT VOTE”
  5. The Ballot Team will see the results for each motion in real-time. Once the passing threshold has been reached, ballot counters will report the results to the Moderator. The Ballot Team will monitor the number of submitted votes so that we can determine how long to wait before moving on to the next motion and when we can declare a motion’s result.
  6. This process will be repeated for each motion on the floor.

HELP! I’m experiencing trouble with voting!

The Ballot Team will be able to identify if there are individuals who did not vote due to choice, or due to technical difficulties based on the ‘abstain’ option provided on each ballot. In a scenario where too many delegates are experiencing technical issues, the Ballot Team will notify the Moderator, and further instructions will be emailed out to you.

If your internet connection cuts out or the ZOOM call is dropped, you will be able to submit your vote directly with the Ballot Team using the live chat support feature on the far-right side of the voting page. The Ballot Team will request your unique identifier # before you indicate your vote.

At the time of the event, you can connect directly with our tech team via live chat on our ONMB home page, onmb.org. If technical difficulties arise that cause our meeting to end unexpectedly, we will be in touch with all of our attendees via email as soon as possible to advise on what steps will be taken to re-launch the meeting.

Voting Representative:
The Voting Representative represents an already existing member (the church). Each Member Church is asked to appoint their single Voting Representative (usually the lead pastor).

Convention Member:
Formerly known as delegates, each Member Church may have one (1) Convention Member for every twenty-five (25) church members or fraction thereof of that Member Church.

Both the single Voting Representative AND Convention Members are all voting delegates at Convention, each with one vote, all votes are equal.

We are asking that your Voting Representative and Convention Members be registered by your church’s administration office which will then be communicated to our ONMB administration team. Full name and email address are needed for each person. The ONMB administration team will then email each voting individual the zoom link and their unique identifier # that will be used for voting purposes.

If you are unsure if you are a Convention Member or if you are interested in being a Convention Member representing your church, please connect with your pastoral or administrative staff.

Non-voting Guests:
Associate Member churches, church plants, and Member Churches are encouraged to send non-voting guests. Any non-voting individuals may register themselves as a Convention Guest. REGISTRATION CLOSES FEB 25 @ 12PM!

You can review and download reports related to our upcoming Breakout Sessions by clicking on the link below. All other provincial and ministry reports are available in the official 2022 ONMB Convention Yearbook.

*update February 23, 2022

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