Our shared strategic initiatives are based on our Family Covenant commitment
as churches, to and with one another, and are aligned with our national strategic
framework focusing on Spiritual Health & Theology, Organizational Health,
Leadership Development, and Mission. We organize around five specific strategic
initiatives in Ontario, in order to bring clarity, unity, and purpose among our
ONMB family of churches.

We believe the gospel has a transformative effect on every aspect of life. As a result, we want to establish a holistic gospel presence in our churches, ensuring the love and good news of Jesus is our highest priority, being expressed AND embodied in both “word” AND “deed.” To that end, we align around a shared Confession of Faith and commit to embodying our confession through activities of relief, reconciliation, compassion, justice, and peacemaking for the poor and marginalized, both locally and globally.

Just as following Christ personally necessitates being connected to a healthy local church, we believe the same is true for churches themselves; that they are at their best when connected to a healthy, broader spiritual family. To that end, we aim to build and foster community among our churches by creating connections between leaders as often as possible, and among congregations from time to time.

We believe that faith in Jesus starts with following Jesus; trusting him as the leader of our lives. But we also believe Jesus empowers his followers with influence, and in many cases, leadership. Throughout the history of the church, leaders have cared for and guided the Body of Christ, helping their communities follow Jesus more closely. That’s why we strive to equip our existing leaders and consistently develop new leaders to increase the influence and impact of the church in our time.

We believe God’s kingdom is meant to expand to every community in every region in every part of the world. AND, that God wants to use the local church to see that happen. In light of this, we strive to become churches that multiply churches, whether through partnerships, disciple making movements, church plants, or multi-site initiatives. As more healthy churches reproduce more healthy churches, more of the love of Jesus will be known and experienced in our world.

We believe effective ministry requires sufficient resources, and that by pooling our God-entrusted resources we can do more together than any of us could do alone. To that end, we seek to resource our churches with a spectrum of tools: from theological and ministry related; to logistical and administrative. At the same time, we ask our churches to faithfully invest in our shared provincial and national initiatives to ensure that all aspects of our responsibility and influence across the country are sufficiently provided for.

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