Holistic Gospel Presence

We believe the gospel has a transformative effect on every aspect of life. As a result, we want to establish a holistic gospel presence in our churches, ensuring the love and good news of Jesus is our highest priority, being expressed AND lived in both “word” AND “deed.” To that end, we align around a shared Confession of Faith and commit to embodying our confession through activities of relief, reconciliation, compassion, justice, and peacemaking for the poor and marginalized, both locally and globally.

All of our ONMB churches covenant together to:

  • Commit to proclaiming and embodying the person, work, and impact of Jesus as the highest “banner” raised in our churches; higher than individual churches brands and distinctions, and higher than our MB “banner.”
  • Align teaching and ministry with our MB Confession of Faith while participating in and submitting to the ongoing review, refinement, interpretation, and application of the Confession, as directed by our Faith and Life Team(s).
  • Develop, support, and sustain activities of relief, reconciliation, compassion, justice, and peacemaking for the poor and marginalized, both locally and globally, calling disciples to express the gospel in both word and deed.
  • Collaborating with ministry partners

In this season, we invite you to:

Partner in response to COVID-19

Keeping you updated in a timely fashion on all things ONMB. Ways we are moving forward together during this pandemic.

Rally Around Indigenous & First Nations Ministry

Sharing a mission of ministry to and with indigenous communities.

  • Disciple Making Movement (DMM Training)
  • Reconciliation Through Prayer – Daniel 9 Gathering
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Holistic Gospel Leadership Training

Participate in Prayer Retreats and Wellness Seminars.

Wellness  Resources

Learn more about Posture Shift

Engage in Global Mission with Multiply

Multiply Resources …

Learn More About Multiply

Embrace a shared Faith and Life

  • The MB Confession of Faith
  • Faith & Life Team
  • Holistic Gospel Recommended Reading
    • Just Mercy: Bryan Stevenson
    • A Beautiful Mess: Danielle Strickland
    • Strategic Compassion: Slauenwhite
    • The Locust Effect: Haugen and Boutros
Learn More About the MB Confession of Faith

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