The Faith and Life Team can help. We exist to help you get from here to there in good health.

When the way ahead isn’t very clear . . .
When we are constantly tempted to wander off the path that has called us to walk . . .
When we need encouragement to keep walking . . .
When we wonder which direction to turn at a fork in the path . . .
When we disagree about how to get from here to there . . .
When we need resources to get us there . . .

We take the pulse of the churches of the Ontario MB Conference.


  • Consultation (ReFocusing, Natural Church Development)
  • Care for Pastors (Pastors retreat)
  • Conflict Management
  • Confessional Accountability
  • Credentialing/Ordination/Registration
  • Leadership Development Opportunities
  • Internship Program
  • Training Events
  • Spiritual formation events
  • Assistance with Pastoral placement
  • Policy development


The Faith and Life Team oversees, promotes, and facilitates the health of the Ontario MB Conference and its churches. This task is accomplished through nurturing churches and their leaders in a variety of ways, sustaining our confessional foundation, helping churches clarify and practise their unique calling, and facilitating the training of church leaders for ministry.


  • Chris Walker
    Chris Walker Faith & Life Team
  • David Fowler
    David Fowler Faith & Life Team
  • Jeff MacLeod Board Member
  • Karen West
    Karen West National Board Designate
  • Matt Unruh
    Matt Unruh Faith & Life Team
  • Michelle Knowles Board Member-Chair
  • Richard Martens
    Richard Martens Faith & Life Team
  • Ryan Jantzi Ministry Director

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