Developing Leaders

The Developing Leaders ministry is responsible for resourcing our churches in identifying, developing and supporting leaders in order to ensure the continuation of mission.

Every MB church and partner organization is multiplying and developing leaders at all levels for kingdom ministry. Our ask…

  • Ensure all teachings and pastoral staff are affirmed through our MB credentialing process, ideally as part of hiring or by the end of their first year of pastoral ministry (and for existing uncredentialed staff, as soon as possible).
  • Where possible, participate in ongoing ONMB, Multiply, or MB Seminary leadership development initiatives and educational opportunities such as Pastors’ & Leaders’ Day, Awake, and various seminary offerings, in order to further hone the skills required to navigate faith and discipleship in today’s context.
  • Encourage and intentionally develop young leaders in your context. Where possible, participate in and leverage leadership development initiatives such as Leaders Collective, SOAR, Action, Trek, etc.
  • Where possible, promote Camp Crossroads to children and students as an investment opportunity into their discipleship and leadership development.

Pastor Credentialing

Our Executive Director and Faith and Life team work both directly, and sometimes in partnership with other ministries, to foster coaching and or mentoring relationships with Pastors within our conference. These relationships vary in degree depending on the individuals involved, but play a direct role in helping to develop our leaders.

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Church Leadership Training

From time to time, ONMB resources churches by providing leadership training either directly or through partner organizations such as Camp Crossroads, Leaders Collective and CCMBC.  The ONMB Conference sees the value in investing in our future leaders. Leaders Collective is a value-added development track for young adults engaged in ministry within MB churches in Ontario

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MB Seminary/Tyndale

MB Seminary plays a prominent role in the nurturing and development of leaders, and disciples.  Recently a new partnership has been established with Tyndale University College & Seminary in Toronto. This serves our churches by bolstering a biblical foundation for its students, nurturing them in leadership, and preparation for a life of ministry and discipleship.

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The Faith and Life Team oversees, promotes, and facilitates the health of the Ontario MB Conference and it’s churches. This task is accomplished through nurturing churches and their leaders in a variety of ways, sustaining our confessional foundation, helping churches clarify and practice their unique calling, and facilitating the training of church leaders for the ministry.

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Every year, preceding our annual Convention, ONMB invites all pastors and leaders to attend a Leadership Development Day. This daylong event features one or more keynote speakers who build into our pastors through a variety of topics relevant to ministry and thematically related to the focus of our Convention for the year.

Leaders Collective

The ONMB Conference sees the value in investing in our future leaders. Leaders Collective is a value-added development track for young adults engaged in ministry within MB churches in Ontario.

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Camp Crossroads

Camp Crossroads provides an exciting, fun filled recreational program together with a strong biblical and spiritual emphasis. Skilled program staff give leadership in activities. We can accommodate 170 campers per week during the summer. Mature, Christian cabin leaders live with and care for their campers 24 hours a day.

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