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Reflections: Chapter 9, “TOV Churches Nurture Truth”

Building a truth-telling culture is explored as central to our identity and calling as Christ-followers. The way to form this culture is to first know the truth, which is embodied in Jesus Christ. Then, we engage in doing the truth by inseparably linking our life and speech and finally in surrendering to the truth, even when it is difficult and darkness needs to be exposed. Corporate confession and repentance are needed and the authors offer a model for a modern-day expression of Yom Kippur to deal with sin. A helpful liturgy is provided as an example of how to affirm truth-tellers, acknowledge all wrongdoing, confess the specific sin, lament over its consequences and declare an intent to change.

Reflection from Connie Maier, Pastor of Outreach & Implementation at Glencairn MB Church

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