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Wellness in a COVID-19 world – helping ministry leaders navigate their own wellness during the pandemic.

Across Canadian denominations, COVID-19 is having a growing impact on ministry leaders. Churches, camps, schools and para-church organizations are experiencing turbulent challenges to which ministry leaders have to respond. This wellness check-in was an opportunity for M.B. ministry leaders to be resourced to understand and navigate their personal wellness during this pandemic season.

On September 30 and October 1, 2020 we were joined by Dr. Rod Wilson (Psychologist, Regent College) and Bonita Eby (Burnout Prevention Strategist) as they shared from their own experiences and expertise in the field of mental health, burnout and depression.


Videos of Presentations:

(VIDEO) A Wellness Focus in 2020

Resources from Dr. Rod Wilson:

The Inner Life of the Pastor – Presentation Notes

Resources from Bonita Eby:

Burnout Conversations for Pastoral Teams

Burnout Assessment Tool

Blog Articles:



Additional Resources:

Retreat Centers – Canada

Retreat Centers – US

Focus on the Family Care for Pastors and Families

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