In the spirit of collaboration, accountability, and blessing, we invite your prayerful input into the selection of future leaders for our Ontario Conference of MB Churches (ONMB). We are looking for people who are passionate about the Church and dedicated to our collective calling and ministry in Ontario to sit on our Board of Directors.

What are we looking
for in a Board Member?

  • Vibrant Christian Life – First and foremost, good board members are faithful disciples of Jesus and committed members of their local church, living a Christian life that is above reproach and serves as a model to others.
  • Passionate Ambassadors – Board members act as representatives for our denomination as a whole. Good board members serve as a link between the organization and its members.
  • Thoughtful Questioners & Active Listeners – Good board members are not afraid to ask questions! Good directors are effective critical thinkers who ask thoughtful questions and provide constructive feedback. On the other hand, good board members are just as prepared to listen as they are to engage.
  • Good with Oversight – Board members oversee various responsibilities: strategic planning, investments, operations, human resources, financial management, external relations, and corporate governance. Good board members will be familiar with some or all of these aspects of leadership.
  • Time – Good board members are able to give time and energy to the board. There are many people who have the gifts and talents listed above, but may not have the time needed to be present and active on the board. Good board members are those who are able to offer their time and gifts during their tenure on the board.

How can you engage
in the nomination process?

ONMB is now accepting nominations for the election of candidates to serve on its Board of Directors, and for candidates to serve on the Nominating Committee.  You can view a Statement of Qualifications for the Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee on the ONMB’s website. This coming year we need at least three new members for the ONMB Board. If you know someone with skills and experience who would be suitable for the board, please let us know.

Nomination & Election Process for 2024

Please send in nominations before the closing date of Dec. 1, 2023 to the Nominating Committee by completing the online submission form.

The Form can be accessed by clicking the button below.

The Nominating Committee will contact all nominees to obtain references and discern their suitability.  Elections are scheduled to be held on Feb. 24, 2024 at the ONMB Annual Convention.

According to our Conference’s General Operating Bylaw, any member of an ONMB church may submit nominations.

The ONMB Board of Directors plays a significant role in attending to God’s leading of our conference. Your church’s engagement in this nomination process is crucial.  Please give it your prayerful consideration.

If you have any questions related to the nominating process, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

Nominating Committee
Jeff Martens, Terry Shuh, Bill Stubbs, Tabitha VandenEnden

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