Welcome Back to Pastors and Leaders Day 2024!

Deadline to Register is February 20th!

Our Speaker:

On February 23, 2024 ONMB is thrilled to be hosting Pastors and Leaders Day 2024. We will have a chance to reconnect with old friends and build new friendships with the many new leaders that have joined our ONMB family. We hope you can join us.

This year’s theme is Heathy Leaders – Addressing Pastoral Vulnerability and Power Dynamics.

We are thrilled to have Carolyn Klassen joining us as our keynote speaker. Carolyn Klassen is a therapist in Winnipeg, and speaker at Wired for Connection. Her many years of providing therapy provide her with a wealth of knowledge about people—including topics like grief, pain, anxiety, depression, joy and grace that are not easily or often spoken about in polite company. She has a master’s degree in therapy and frequently appears on news programs as an expert on relationships and mental health. She attends The Meeting Place in Winnipeg, where she is a member of the teaching team and an elder.

Event Details:

Healthy Leaders – Addressing Pastoral Vulnerability and Power Dynamics

This workshop invites pastors and church leaders to engage at an emotional and spiritual level with the very real and human pull to abuse power during times of isolation and vulnerability. The workshop is designed to integrate faith in God with the reality of human vulnerabilities.

Session 1: The Pastoral Connection Dilemma
Session 2: Vulnerability, Power and

Session 3: Moving Forward Well

Scott Street Church
339 Scott St
St. Catharines, ON L2N 1J7

February 23, 2024

Event Fee:
$85 per person – includes training, lunch and ministry resources

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