ONMB Pastors’ & Leaders’ Day 2019

On February 22, 2019 ONMB is thrilled to be hosting our annual Pastors’ & Leaders’ Day. This year we are honoured to have guest speaker and author Sara Maynard guide us through a fresh look at the Lord’s Prayer.

Sara is a teacher, author, and prayer leader. Over the last eighteen years she has built a number of national prayer ministries, work that has often led to her being called a Mother of Prayer in Canada. She is a skilled communicator who reaches across denominations with biblical, and practical, equipping and leading, but does so in a way that serves and honours the local church.

She is currently carrying a fresh call for the Church to seek revival through praying the Lord’s Prayer.

Sara is the Director of Redleaf Prayer Ministries, the Chair of the Ears to Hear Network of Prayer Ministries and serves the church movement she is a part of (Via Apostolica), in intercessory leadership. She is the author of two books, “Canadian Mantles of Revival”, and “The Prayer of All Prayers: Finding Life and Revival in the Lord’s Prayer”.

Langley, BC, is Sara’s home where she resides with Mike, her husband of 36 years. Mike and Sara have three married sons who bring great joy to their parents by loving God and producing adorable grandchildren.

For more information on Redleaf Prayer Ministries visit redleafprayer.org

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