ONMB Pastors’ & Leaders’ Day 2018

On Friday, February 23rd, we had the privilege of hosting the very first event at the new location of Behta Darya Community Church in Mississauga. Our guest speaker was Dr. Grant Mullen who is a mental health physician from Grimsby Ontario. He lectures internationally on the keys to personal transformation, emotional recovery and healthy relationships. Dr. Grant talked with 100 Ontario ministry leaders about the effects of emotional bondage in ministry, how to avoid the pitfalls of burnout, and understanding depression, anxiety, mood swings and chemical imbalance from a Christian perspective. Our leaders learned ways to identify mood disorders personally as well as in their ministry circles but also gained an understanding of how to walk along side someone who may struggle with this daily.

Learn more about Dr. Grant Mullen at: drgrantmullen.com.

Grant Mullen on Depression

Grant Mullen on Burnout

Grant Mullen on Mental Health

Photo Gallery from the ONMB Pastors' & Leaders' Day with Dr. Grant Mullen

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