Welcome to the 93rd Annual ONMB Convention!

The Ontario Conference of MB Churches meets annually at Convention where we gather as a family of churches
to share, learn, make decisions, and break bread together.

We will hear stories of God’s activity among us, discern steps forward together, and most importantly lift up the name of Jesus.
Our desire is to:


Registration Closes February 20th!

At this critical transition point in our history as a family of churches, we turn our attention to the core of our shared identity: the Gospel of Jesus. We are recipients of the greatest news of all! In Christ, God has come to reconcile all things to himself. This is the lived truth by which God transforms us into his likeness. This is the lived truth we bear witness to in the world.

The Ontario Conference of MB Churches are a people of great news. May we join in celebrating and being inspired by this reality.


Our Speakers

Philip & Robyn Serez

Becoming great news people calls us beyond the realm of compelling presentations or even great conversations. It’s more than keen interest in our neighbours or wise discernment of culture or community needs. Becoming great news people is an invitation to live immersed in the sustaining truth of who we are as Jesus’ people. It’s a call to root deeply in God and experience the power of that union bringing abundant life to our hearts so the gospel is the message we share and the power transforming who we are to the glory of Jesus’ name!

Philip and Robyn Serez have held many roles with Multiply over the last 25 years. Currently, Philip is on a disability leave and Robyn leads the Eastern Canada team as Multiply’s Regional Mobilizer. They are beloved leaders within our MB family who are living as great news people amid an extremely challenging journey with ALS.


  1. Vision, worship and celebration   
  2. Receiving reports from ONMB board & staff, committees and agencies, CCMBC staff
  3. Regular business; motions #1-4
  4. 2024 elections for board of directors and nominating committee; motions #5-7
  5. 2024 Financial Report; motions #8-11
  6. Closing and motions #12-13


ONMB Pastors & Leaders Day:
• February 23, 2024: 10am – 4pm

ONMB 2024 Annual Convention:
• February 23, 2024: 7pm – 9pm
• February 24, 2024: 8:30am – 4:30pm


Scott Street Church
339 Scott Street
St. Catharines, ON L2N 1J7

Breakout Sessions

Sign up to receive a Zoom Link to attend our Online Breakout Session. Hear from our ONMB Finance Committee who will provide an update on our 2023 Financials as well as a look at the 2024 Proposed Budget. 

A Zoom Link will be emailed to all those who register by February 20th. 

In Person Session 1: February 24 @ 11am

Spiritual Health and Theology – Women in Ministry Leadership
Hear 2 Stories of the Empowerment of Women
(Connie Maier, Richard Martens – Glencairn MB Church)

Organizational Health – ONMB Finance and Vision
Resourcing the Mission God is Calling Us Toward
(Trevor Seath – ONMB Executive Director, Anita Boles – ONMB Treasurer)

Leadership Development – MB Seminary Teaching Church
Training for Everyone is coming to Ontario!
(Mark Wessner – MB Seminary, Adam Knowles – WMB Church)

Mission – Missional Expressions Update
Catalyzing Disciple-Making in New Territory
(Ryan Jantzi – ONMB Ministry Director)

In Person Session 2: February 24 @ 12:45pm

Spiritual Health & Theology: LGBTQ+ Care and Discipleship
Hear One Man’s Journey with Same-Sex Attraction
(Facilitator: Ryan Jantzi – ONMB Ministry Director)

Organizational Health: CCMBC Updates
Hearing from Our National Leaders
(Jim Bell – CCMBC Legacy, Ken Esau – National FLT Director)

Leadership Development: Leadership FrontCounter
A National Collaborative Strategy for Strengthening Our Leaders
(Mark Wessner – MB Seminary)

Leadership Development: Camp Crossroads Gap Year
Year-Round Young Adult Discipleship is Coming to Camp!
(Andrew & Christine Hiebert – Camp Crossroads)

How do I register as a Convention Member (Delegate)?

Each Member Church is asked to appoint their single Voting Representative (usually the lead pastor) as well as register
their Convention Members (formerly called Delegates) into membership in the Ontario Conference.

Each Associate Church is invited to register their Representatives into membership as Convention Members.

To find out more about what a Convention Member is, who is qualified and how to register, click on the link below.

Other Details and Frequently Asked Questions

Scott Street Church
339 Scott St, St. Catharines, ON L2N 1J7

ONMB Pastors & Leaders Day:
February 23, 2024: 10am – 4pm

ONMB 2024 Annual Convention:
February 23, 2024: 7pm – 9pm
February 24, 2024: 8:30am – 4:30pm

Delegate packages, including agenda’s, minutes and any other pertinent information will be distributed to the churches, electronically, approximately 2 weeks before the Convention.

You can review and download reports related to our upcoming Breakout Sessions and Decision Points by clicking on the link below. All provincial, national and ministry reports are available in the official 2024 ONMB Convention Yearbook.

Voting Representative:
The Voting Representative represents an already existing member (the church). Each Member Church is asked to appoint their single Voting Representative (usually the lead pastor).

Convention Member:
Formerly known as delegates, each Member Church may have one (1) Convention Member for every twenty-five (25) church members or fraction thereof of that Member Church.

Each Associate Church is invited to register their Representatives into membership as Convention Members.

Both the single Voting Representative AND Convention Members are all voting delegates at Convention, each with one vote, all votes are equal.

We are asking that your Voting Representative and Convention Members be registered by your church’s administration office which will then be communicated to our ONMB administration team. Full name and email address are needed for each person.

If you are unsure if you are a Convention Member or if you are interested in being a Convention Member representing your church, please connect with your pastoral or administrative staff.

Non-voting Guests:
All Member churches, Associate Member churches, Ministry Partners, and church plants are encouraged to send non-voting guests. Any non-voting individuals may register themselves as a Convention Guest. REGISTRATION CLOSES FEB 20th!

The Friday night worship event is open to all registered or non-registered guests. We encourage you to bring your friends and neighbours to this event. Registration is required to participate in the Pastors and Leaders Day on Friday as well as the business session and breakout sessions on Saturday.

Following is a copy of the published rules from the 2024 convention report:

  • We strive for unity and respect, seeking the participation of all assembled, as we discern decisions that shape the
    future of our conference.

  • Members are invited to respond to the reports and recommendations presented.

  • When wanting to make a comment, please state your name and Church you are representing.

  • Address your comments directly to the moderator. Open dialogue between members is discouraged on the conference floor. Keep your comments brief and limit repeating statements already given by other members.

  • In order to keep things flowing smoothly, each Member may speak up to three times on any specific issue. For further comments, he/she must await the Moderator’s approval, and that will be given only when no other Member wishes to speak.

  • Guests who would like to comment may request to do so with the Moderator.

  • Additional instructions may be provided by the Moderator regarding procedures.

  • The Moderator reserves the right to bring discussion to a close with proper notification.

  • Only Voting Representatives and Convention Members are permitted to vote.

  • In general, Roberts Rules of Order may be used as a guideline during the business sessions.

  • A spirit of love should prevail in all comments.

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