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Got gas?
This is ‘the’ question everyone is asking these days.  Not the awkward ‘clear the room’ kind but rather the liquid that makes the world go round!  It is a shocking sight to see hundreds of cars huddled around every gas station or snaked down the road bumper to bumper in hopes that today there will be some fuel.
Fuel is not the only shortage that burundi is experiencing.  We hope for a few hours of electricity a day, internet and phone services are greatly reduced since their generators require fuel, sugar is a whispered word in the market, food staples have increased and imported items like butter are getting harder to find at all.
In the midst of shortages, it is easy to become discouraged.  Breakfast and supper by candlelight is only romantic the first few times. Computer and phones that are constantly dead can cause work to become painfully slow and of course simple transportation issues like bringing our kids to school add a whole new layer of stress.
And yet, these stresses seem minor in comparison to what most Burundians deal with every day!  Food and transportaion prices that have doubled or even tripled make everyday simple living – simply impossible!

And yet we are still blown away with the ways that God IS working here.  The initiative with pastors is so encouraging.  These courageous pastors are undaunted by the shortages of the country.  They have tasted and seen that the Lord is good.  They have committed to joining Him in the work He is wanting to accomplish through them.  Two of these churches are poised to plant churches in other provinces.  All are discerning what mission looks like in their respective neighbourhoods.  And each and every one is growing.  I’ve had the opportunity to preach in a number of these churches over the last few weeks and I come away so encouraged each time.  The worship is so heartfelt and people are so engaged with and hungry for the Word.

Deanna is finding the same kind of hunger and intentionality at the primary school as she invests in leaders there.  Kids are choosing to walk great distances and overcome huge obstacles just to get to school.  School is literally the highlight of their life.  The teachers have fully invested themselves into this school and their students.  They see themselves as missionaries to this historically rejected community and believe that Jesus has called them to love, educate and empower these kids.

Students excitedly receive long-awaited uniform sweaters and teachers receive a basket of French books from Canada for each class!   
Pray with us…

  • Pray for resolution to the political and economic stalemate in Burundi.
  • Pray for neighbouring DRCongo.  Due to increased fighting, over an estimated 1 million people have been displaced.  This is affecting our churches in that region.  Pray that they would be salt and light at this time.  Pray for peace.
  • Praise God for what is happening in some of the churches in Burundi.  Join us in praying for more!
  • We have a number of trainings and visitors happening in these next months.  Pray for the leading of the Lord as well as wisdom in all we do.

We thank God for all of you!  Thank you so much for your love, support and emails!

Love Doug & Deanna
Maddy, Keza and Avery



Doug and Deanna Hiebert

       B.P, 6903
        Bujumbura, Burundi
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