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counting beans…
The cheap, plastic bag ripped, spilling her precious beans into the dirt.  Quickly, protectively, she bent down and with the help of some friends picked up every last one.  One by one, slowly but surely, every last bean picked up, destined for the pot and the bellies of her hungry family.  It’s hard to imagine such desperation.  It’s shocking to see and makes us mindful of food left on our plates; of 3 square meals and even sometimes snacks in between.  Why?  Why is it like this?  Why do we have more than enough and somebody else doesn’t?  Questions like this can be dizzying but we’re forced to ask them pretty much daily.
Last week we were able to be a part of the second round of food distributions happening in Muramvya.  We heard many stories of the impact of these interventions.  Stories of couples being reconciled; of husbands returning to their families; of the food staving off hunger and possible death; of hope restored.  One of the most touching stories for me was that of 30 Batwa families who shared the little they received with their neighbours… Hutus and Tutsis.  Can you imagine?  In a dire situation, sharing the little you have received and with those who are historically your enemies!
The group in Muramvya showed their gratitude for the food given by helping to clear the land for the high school.  The construction for the school is about to begin.While participating in the distribution, an elderly man proudly showed me his glasses.  He then proceeded to tell me that we had given him these glasses 5 years ago when a medical team from Cornerstone Church had come.  I know that some of you who were part of that team are reading this newsletter – your investment is continuing to bless!


Pray with us…

  • Praise God with us for the funds that came in to help so many people.  Pray for God’s continued intervention in people’s lives.
  • A network of pastors met this week to be discipled and grow in their understanding of the calling on the Church.  Pray for a solidifying and multiplying of this great work.
  • We wrestle with many opportunities and expectations.  Pray with and for us as we discern how best to use our time.

Thank you to all who have been praying for these people and even helping financially.   You have been part of touching and indeed, saving lives.  Praise God.  At this point, Harvest has made their financial goal for the distributions.  Four more distributions are planned with the remaining funds.

We thank God for all of you who pray for us and love us.

Love Doug & Deanna
Maddy, Keza and Avery



Doug and Deanna Hiebert

       B.P, 6903
        Bujumbura, Burundi
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