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Discipling The Next Generation


...we all worked together to facilitate the development of missional leaders, locally and globally?

Leaders Collective comes from a deep desire to invest in a generation of discipled young leaders. It is a collaboration of the four MB ministries in Ontario designed to offer ``value-added`` experiences and mentoring to young leaders actively engaged in leadership roles within our MB churches. Ed Willms (Ontario Conference of MB Churches), Philip Serez (MB Mission), Trevor Seath (C2C), and Ed Heinrichs (Camp Crossroads) have joined together to offer this leadership development track for young leaders age 22-27.

Robyn Serez (MB Mission) is the director of Leaders Collective, serving alongside the Advisory team and alumni of the program to facilitate this one year development program.

There is an urgent need to raise up discipled young adults, and together we are focusing on those with high potential for kingdom impact.

Leaders Collective is invested in the local church. It is designed so that churches can select their rising young leaders for investment from the outside while still journeying with them from within. Seasoned mentors from home churches will walk with each participant helping to establish or affirm a culture of mentoring within the church. There is potential for far-reaching impact.

Our hope is that this is the start of a larger movement of intentionality and focus in developing the next generation of discipled leaders in our churches. We want our churches to be a training ground for a life of kingdom leadership.



There are 3 retreats designed to give opportunity for a focused investment in the participants. There will be elements of exposure, mentoring and training in the retreats. A big part of the Leaders Collective is also the relationships between the participants and the Lead Team. The retreats give opportunity for these relationships to flourish.


The electives are opportunities for exposure outside of the local church. The electives give exposure the participants would not otherwise have. They will have opportunities for mentorship by leaders in many different realms. They will also receive training opportunities opened by the 4 organizations and global mission opportunities. These electives help the participants tailor the experience specifically towards areas they are gifted in, or feel called to.


Participants in the Leaders Collective will each be paired with a mentor from their local church. These mentors are put forward by the churches and training will be provided for them through a number of resources. They will journey through the year meeting bi-weekly.

2017/2018 Leaders Collective


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