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Be A Part of the Leaders Collective

This is for young adults (ages 22-27) who are serving in their local MB church.


Ideal candidates are…

  • Individuals who show leadership gifting, calling, and capacity.
  • Individuals who are active or have shown engagement in kingdom advancement; ideally, they are already serving with a ministry area within their local church.
  • Individuals who are connected with the local church and have the capacity to be coached by them.
  • Individuals who exude a growing passion for Jesus and commitment to His mission.
  • Individuals who may have experienced discipleship tracks like Summer team, ACTION, TREK, Outtatown, YWAM, Capernwray and/or other apprenticeships.


While we are aiming for the upper range of 22-27, one’s age is secondary to the qualifications.

Participants are put forward by the leadership of the local church, and then discerned by the leaders of the Leaders Collective.

If a young adult is interested, they should communicate that to their church leadership for consideration.

Leaders Collective is about developing kingdom leaders. There will be a wide range of participants. Some will be in school, some will be working in churches, and others will be in the marketplace. The participants will all be active in the church.

Interested? Contact Leaders Collective to start an application.