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Thank you so much for praying!
God is moving in Ontario as we continue to seek Him for an unprecedented move of His Spirit in our province, nation, and world. There are many things that we can pray together about in April:
Let’s thank God together
God deserves to be praised & glorified. As we come to Him with petitions on our hearts, let’s be sure to consider how wonderful our Father is and to thank Him for all that He has done. Let’s take time to express thanks for Jesus and to Jesus – without Him none of us would know God!

As we pray, “Your kingdom come!” we know that we are only joining our hearts with God’s desire to save, redeem, and restore. We can praise God together that our own brokenness for lost people is an evidence of His grace working in us. And together we can invite the Spirit of God to burden His Church for Ontario and the millions here who do not know Jesus.

We can praise God because He has always provided for our ministry to support church planters through assessment, coaching, training, financial subsidies, and other forms of resourcing and encouragement. The needs can seem overwhelming at times so let’s ask God to grow our faith and our willingness to sacrifice to invest in His mission.

Let’s lift up church planters
It’s a privilege to know that we can make requests that are heard in the throne room of Almighty God! What an exalted role He’s given us to join our hearts with His and pray for brothers and sisters who are leading mission in our province.

Pray for the emotional and physical health of Ontario church planters. I hear almost daily from leaders who candidly share about the fears, anxieties, and discouragements they face as they persevere to lead new churches on mission.

Pray for the marriages and families represented on the Ontario church planting team. Pray that God would provide supernatural empowering to husbands and wives to love one another and for parents to lead their families well.
Ask God for a new level of both joy and brokenness among both church planters and the churches they’re leading. Invite the Holy Spirit to move so that our friends are deeply encouraged in Christ and also profoundly aware of the depth of spiritual need surrounding us.
Look ahead in prayer
There are exciting things on the horizon for C2C in Ontario. As we pray for these upcoming events, let’s acknowledge that the real impact of these efforts is under God’s control and confess that apart from Jesus, nothing really will happen.
On April 25 (Toronto) and April 26 (Hamilton), we’ll be gathering with church planters, pastors, and ministry leaders to learn with Mark Wollenberg from International Justice Mission. Having planted 4 churches himself, Mark is passionate about reaching lost people while not forgetting God’s heart for justice. We’ll dig in together on how we can most effectively minister among marginalized and vulnerable people. Pray for strong engagement & deep learning. Find out more
On May 5 & 6 we’ll be gathering for equipping on how to apply the Gospel in everyday life. Our goal is to learn to think and live as missionaries in everyday life. This training is not just for leaders but is designed for everyone in the church. Pray that God would use these days in Toronto to spark new joy in Jesus and new movement in His mission in Ontario. Find out more


May 30 to June 1
We’ll be meeting with a set of church planting candidates for a week of prayer and discernment in Montreal. Three Ontario couples are preparing to attend. Pray that God would grant wisdom and insight both to candidates and assessors that week. Above all, we want to hear, trust, and obey His leading!
C2C Church Planters in Ontario
C2C Church Planting Apprentices & Interns in Ontario
If you have praying friends who would be interested in joining C2C in prayer, please forward them this link, Pray for Canada! And ask them to join our prayer team.
Thank you for praying with us. Your work is essential!
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