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Praying For Canada’s First Peoples!
As we continue to pray about the mission field we call “Canada”, we become increasingly aware of areas of “gap” in gospel presence and awareness.

The Canadian evangelical church is largely a white, middle-class, and English-speaking movement. You may have heard fellow Christians mourning this reality. Sometimes these voices come from cynicism toward the church, but most often they are expressed with a heart-felt desire to see the church of Jesus reflect the multi-cultural nation that we live in.

The promise of The Revelation is that every nation, tribe, and tongue will one day gather around the throne of God in unified and thunderous praise of our ONE King! Our hope and dream is that we can experience a foretaste of that future reality in the here and now!

A growing area of awareness and burden for C2C is the lack of a flourishing Christian community among Canada’s First Peoples. There are several localized congregations and outreaches where the gospel is having great effect among First Nations people groups. However, the 4% of Canadian population identified as “First Peoples” is overwhelmingly a people group who have been neglected at best, or abused at worst, by government policies, complicated treaties, and tragically at times, by the actions of church leaders.

Several C2C churches are making inroads among First Nations people in their communities, and C2C has three church planting couples whose focus is specifically on reaching First Nations people with the good news of Jesus.

Derek & Tiffani Parenteau work on reserves near Parry Sound, Ontario, and lead a ministry called Rugged Tree.
Paul & Jodi Winter lead two First Nations congregations in Winnipeg, as well as facilitating outreaches on numerous reserves throughout Manitoba and Northwest Ontario.
Additionally, Jim & Jacqie Wisemen lead a ministry called Walls of Freedom in Winnipeg that has a predominant focus on First Nations families.

Finally, several new conversations have begun with churches that want to partner with First Nations reserves and with workers who are feeling called by God to reach out to Canada’s First Peoples.

Would you join us in praying earnestly for all that will be needed
in this area of ministry?       
Join us in prayer for:
  • Workers who are clearly called and uniquely gifted for this type of cross-cultural ministry.
  • Indigenous believers in First Nations communities to be raised up, equipped and resourced for outreach among their own people.
  • Partner churches and leaders from established churches who will capture a vision for these people who make up 4% of Canada’s population.
  • Wisdom for C2C leaders as we meet, pray and strategize how best to reach out to this “least reached” people group.
  • For key partners: Individuals and ministries that are already having significant kingdom impact in this community that we could partner with and learn from.
  • For donors who may have a specific passion for this ministry so that we can support workers who are making gospel inroads.
Thank you for being part of our growing prayer team. If you have praying friends who would be interested in in the work of church planting,
please forward them this link, Pray for Canada!, and invite them
to join our prayer team.

Please join us at 10:02 every morning to pray, based on Luke 10:2, asking the Lord of the harvest to send out workers.

C2C continues to pray daily for the resources we need to meet the commitments we have made to church planting families and trust God to provide all that is needed. We invite each of you to consider making a gift to this ministry.

How to Give
1. Online

2. Text (via Push Pay app)
Text “C2C” to 77977 and receive instructions right on your mobile phone!

3.  By Mail to: C2C network
300-32040 Downes Road
Abbotsford, BC V4X 1X5

Please note: Our office is moving as of March 21, 2017! The above listed address is our new address. Our phone number is still the same.

Toronto: May 5 & 6
Halifax: June 23 & 24
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Montreal: May 30 – June 1
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